AI-generated Thin Desert Travellers

So again Red Berries for the Red Planet wrote an excellent post with a short NPC Travellers table. Again, I fed his post to Talk to Transformer, and it seems it actually likes his posts: I've tried to do the same with other tables and blogposts, but results are nowhere near as usable or interesting.

Use for giving local colour to setting, as plot hooks, hirelings/retainers/henchmen, replacement PCs...


  1. Jobless navvy. Great as a passive lifter, terrible as a direct lifter. Can’t find a job anywhere. 
  2. Deserter guardswoman sent to investigate the ossuary. Just some bones, they said.
  3. Centaur, native of River Lucerne. Usually wanders alone, blowing her horn, hopelessly calling her once herd.
  4. Iron-willed savage tribesman, seeking some sort of proof of his mastery over the glowing iron.
  5. Undead rider of the Lords of Zin. Masterminded an attack on the city of Tal Tal; denied his arrears and loot.
  6. Flame-flier, separated from the rest of his wing, in full battle apparel: flaming backpack (single use), goggles, winged brass helmet, and taloned gauntlets and boots. Trademark weapons always on the ready: dirk, petrol bomb, and unreliable sidearm. A bit touched in the head.


  1. Young magic tutor. Wins bizarrely passionate arguments about non-existent objects.
  2. Low-ranking Wizard-Official. On the run for sabotaging census to better distribute tax burden.
  3. Hisself, ex-philosopher, living in gloomy poverty. Never learned to have friends.
  4. Retired Archmage of Aqueducts. Always weary. In need of fresh, unthinned air.



  1. Gifted inventor. Expanded an endocrine gland in her own body, now exploring new avenues of genetic modification.
  2. Tongue-clipping barber-surgeon. Desperate for money, doing a poor job of it. Not that the clients have complained.  
  3. Amateur architect, assisted by clocksmith. Laboring to restore the Silver Tower of the House of Anteros. 
  4. Halfling herder. Longs to become a shaman, but longs to remain a herder even more. Sheep almost bigger than him.
  5. Doomed circus performer. Desiccated by necromantic mummification process, given the duty of clearing the city of the dead. 
  6. Nomadic beggar, looking for a new life in the hidden city of Niph-Below-The-Sand. 



  1. Giant leech rancher. Grazes his cattle on the Riviera de Tapal. Fleeces the villagers on a regular basis.
  2. Noble elf scion in service to the Temple of Sinuhe. Thrived on solitude in her youth, now hates her unrequited love for her young protégé. 
  3. Monstrous dogs, expertly trained to fight under each others’ lead. Hungry for blood and plain hungry.
  4. Refugees from Sunnadara, ravaged by Tongue Rot. Decaying, rotten away or chopped off in time, barely any of them can speak anymore beyond frustrated humming. Hopelessly carrying late-stage infected.

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